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Hotel in Purwokerto

The development of hotels in Purwokerto undergo excellent growth, noted there are several hotels with international scale are interested to expand its business in Purwokerto, one of which is the Hotel Aston is built with an investment of more than 50 billion, a number of very fantastic and this may have been taken into account by investors who believe in economic development in the town of Purwokerto, local government policies that strongly support the investment world is one of the triggers that attractive for investors to be able to embed business in Purwokerto, then there is also the Hotel Santika although somewhat stalled construction hopefully can also be continued and resolved in the end.

As for hotels that have been operating, there are some who are clean and expand its business among other is Wisata Niaga Hotel , located on the road of Merdeka and the Hotel Astro are beautifying themselves with supporting facilities such as cafes, karaoke bars, billiard and meeting room.

Purwokerto is a city that is quite rapid economic growth after the city of Semarang and Solo, thus supporting facilities such as hotels is needed as a means of supporting the business activity of Purwoerto town, although arguably quite a lot of hotels in Purwokerto, it is estimated there are about 170 hotels either a class of stars to the jasmine, all can live and operate properly, it indicates the economy is very conducive in Purwokerto. Come on…….. Who else is interested in building hotels in Purwokerto?

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